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Annual Homeschool Evaluation

The annual student educational evaluation must consist of one of the following:

  • Florida certified teacher chosen by the parent may evaluate the child’s progress based on a review of the portfolio and discussion with the student.
  • The student may take any nationally-normed student achievement test administered by a certified teacher.
  • The student may take a state student assessment test at a location and under testing conditions approved by the school district.
  • The student maybe evaluated by a psychologist holding a valid, active license pursuant to section 490.003 (7) or (8), F.S. The student may be evaluated with any other valid measurement tool as mutually agreed upon by the parent and the superintendent.

Easy Florida Homeschool Evaluation makes the end of the year a Celebration of Success!

Sign each child up for their own account. The account will be a location to share work samples, schedule appointments, and receive custom evaluation letters.

Students who show exemplary work, positive attitudes, and respect may be eligible for the custom “Honor Roll” certificate.

The information on the evaluation letter comes from the text you type in.

Check your spelling

Type the full address, it is required for the letter.

To enroll in the evaluation make a payment through PayPal when prompted.

From the Dashboard choose “All Courses”

Click on Annual Evaluations to expand the section

Sign up each child for the “Homeschool Evaluation 2021”

Child 3 and up is discounted to $20 each.

The Course “Homeschool Evaluation 2021” will now appear on your Dashboard.

Click on the graphic to enter the course

The call may be scheduled after all ‘restrictions’ are completed. click on each of the blue links to quickly navigate to each section.

Directions are included at the top of the course.

Scroll Down to Voice Video Call. The goal is to complete each of the items listed under the category “Schedule an Appointment for the Homeschool Evaluation Call”.

What is the voice / video call?

The Voice/ Video Call is a fun time for your child to share their homeschool adventures with Mrs. Wendy. Mrs Wendy will have a conversation with your child. The conversation is not meant to be a test, it is meant to be a fun time sharing about their year.

Conversations I have had include farm stories, ocean adventures, science experiments, trips to Universal Studios, fishing stories, cooking and caring for the family when a parent was ill, and more. I have never had the same conversation twice. The call is what makes homeschool portfolio evaluations a lot of fun. Let this time be a celebration of your homeschool success!

Are you struggling with something on your homeschool journey? Addressing the concerns does not prevent your child from passing. Mrs. Wendy will encourage you on your homeschool journey. If you have a concern, she will offer advice, or help you find someone who can help you. The goal is to establish the best homeschool experience possible.

Download the Portfolio Review Letter and the Honor Roll Certificate (if applicable)

Send the evaluation letter to the County homeschool or school choice Office through email or postal mail.


Another Year of Homeschooling is Successfully Completed!