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Step Up For Students: Part Time Math Tutoring

Options for Part Time Tutoring

Part Time Math Tutoring is offered in person as well as online:

  • In-Person lessons are giving at her classroom in Lake County, Florida
  • Virtual, or Online lessons are given through Big Blue Button on her website.
    Big Blue Button was chosen to protect her students.

Part Time Math Tutoring can be combined with a customized online course:

  • The student provides their own learning materials. Mrs. Wendy will provide tutoring and homework help to the student. The student will be given an account on her website to upload work files for Mrs. Wendy to review and give feedback.
  • A customized online course can be built for the student. This option allows the course to progress at the students ability. The lessons will be adjusted as the student learns the material. The lessons may cover the same material, however, the content of the question will change therefore the student will not know they are reviewing the same material. Please contact Mrs. Wendy to determine if materials have been developed for the content your child needs. Click here to view information on a self-paced, interactive PreAlgebra Course

Part Time Private Tutoring

Photo of Wendy Harper

Our part time math tutoring is offered by a Certified Math teacher with her Bachelors in Science Degree in Mathematics/ Computer Science and Education.  She has a Graduate degree in Instructional Technology. 

She is a certified teacher since 1995. She began her teaching career in New York. In 2016 Wendy applied for and received her Florida Teaching Certification. She started her teaching career as a student teacher in an Elementary School Special Education class. She taught Middle School and High School Math and Computer classes in public school. Wendy left teaching in July 2000 to work in New York City as an Instructional Designer/ Programmer. She moved to Florida in November 2000 to continue working in the adult computer-based training field. She worked for a private company. In 2003 she left the work place to raise a family. In a homeschool co-op She taught preschool through 3rd grade students. She has tutored Math and computers privately for 30 years. Wendy currently tutors Middle School math, High School math, College Algebra, PreCalculus, Trigonometry, Calculus I – II and Liberal Arts Math Courses in person and online through HS Honor Roll. Contact Wendy at