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Online Algebra I / Geometry Course

Interactive Self-Grading Math Curriculum

Printable Note Sheets

Each lesson has a printable note sheet that mirrors the teachers video. These sheets guide the student in taking notes, and organizing their work for each lesson.

Interactive-Computer-Based Lessons

The assignment is automatically graded, and the student has the option to ask for more questions as they are working on the assignment.

There are two main types of questions: Red Questions and Blue Questions

Red Questions are lesson questions that are the same for all students, the answers are given in text form and a video solution is given. The red question answer can be changed to the correct answer. Since these are questions to enhance learning the new skills we do not want to discourage the student from learning the new concepts.

Blue Questions are practice questions. These questions are different for each student. The complete solution is displayed after submitting their answer. The student may request another similar question to practice the concept. It is encouraged that the student try the problem until the answer is marked correct.

If you are ready to Enroll and Pay for Algebra 1:

An online system for learning and answering questions

The work is graded automatically, and every problem is worked out for the student. (This saves the homeschool parent a lot of time)

The student can ask for (almost) an infinite amount of similar questions to keep practicing and learning.