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Book Review - Young Child

Homeschool Portfolio

What is a homeschool portfolio?

The Florida statute defines a portfolio as a log of educational activities which is made contemporaneously with the instruction and which designates by title any reading materials used, and samples of any writings, worksheets, workbooks or creative materials used or developed by the student.

What should be kept in a portfolio?

A list of curriculum and/or resources used during the year

Book Marks  provide an easy way to record books that take longer to read and allow older children to take responsibility keeping their homeschool records.

Learning Experiences and Educational Activities should be recorded “contemporaneously with the instruction” (meaning recorded at the time of instruction) in a manner that can be retrieved and submitted to the schools upon request. Suggested items to log activities include a planner, a notebook, and/or a reliable electronic device that is frequently backed up

A custom homeschool planner can be designed and made for a child as soon as they are capable of reading and writing. The sooner a child is responsible for their records and education the quicker they will be able to manage their time and resources. The planner shown above was used by my boys from 8-13 years old. When they started high school, we purchased a 4-year high school planner.

Add samples of writing, worksheets, workbooks, or creative materials used or developed by the student. You can take photos of large items. Easy Florida Homeschool Evaluation has a website for uploading samples for the evaluator to see.  Your samples can include audio and/ or video recordings, links to websites, pdf and documents, photos, and more.  Click here for an example of a US States Postcard project.

US States and Capitals Postcard Project

Who can evaluate my child’s portfolio?

A Florida Certified Teacher with a current Teaching License.

Easy Florida Homeschool Evaluation recommends: Wendy Harper
She is a certified teacher since 1995. She began her teaching career in New York. In 2016 Wendy applied for and received her Florida Teaching Certification. She started her teaching career as a student teacher in an Elementary School Special Education class. She taught Middle School and High School Math and Computer classes in public school. In a homeschool co-op She taught preschool through 3rd grade students. She has tutored Math and computers privately for 30 years. Wendy currently tutors Middle School math through College Algebra in person and online through HS Honor Roll. Contact Wendy at, text her at 407-461-4517, or make an account for your child at